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Praktijk voor imaginatie


Workshops are particularly suitable for departments or teams in need of new energy and inspiration. All problems can be broached in a workshop. Each workshop is customised.

Examples of workshops:

Inspiration versus Fear

We begin a workshop by visualising our fear. We look into it, discuss and analyse it. How does it stop you from doing something? We then map out our inspiration: When are we in our element, why, how do we know we are, and what do we do? We compare fear and inspiration. Where does fear block inspiration? We examine how you can give inspiration more room and improve efficiency and satisfaction in your job.

Course of life and Career

How do things stand? How is your life going? We use imagination here as well: We imagine our course of life and our career. How do you want to develop further? What does that entail for the next step you have to take?
TIP: This workshop is also very suitable for developing a corporate vision or strategy further.


We explore your image of leadership and analyse it. What does ideal leadership look like? And yours? Where do you want to get and how can you get there? Such images will enable you to get to the crux of the matter quickly and to take concrete steps to give your leadership more force and inspiration.
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Vision development

Where are you coming from? Where are you at this time and where are you headed? Where do you want to go? We use images and dynamic team interaction to work together on the vision of your team, department and/or organisation. We also look into individuals and their role and vision within the team.

In practice

The ideal group size for workshops is 10-12 people. Each workshop is customised. Contact me for more details.