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Patricia Deiters- Rahusen (1956) has had her own practice as imagination therapist in Breukelen since 2000.

patricia‘After 15 years as a sworn interpreter-translator for French and Spanish, I wanted to work with language differently: with images behind words. I attended in particular a three-year programme at the School for Imagination in Amsterdam. In discovering active imagination, I discovered my essential being, as it were: who and what I am, and not who and what I had become. This insight had an enormously positive impact on me.
I also attended a variety of workshops on working with voice, systemic work, creative and visual expression, yoga, meditation and relaxation techniques. I like to help other people find new energy and inspiration to improve their lives.

 Training courses

  • Imagination: Degree in imagination, School for Imagination in Amsterdam (2000)
  • De Mat: Degree in coaching/therapy (2013)
  • Creative expression: Annette Bredero (Amsterdam)
  • Voice coaching: Jonathan Hart, MarieJan van Oort, Jean René Toussaint, Annemarie Blink, Milaya Lodian (Austria)
  • Bodywork, visual expression: Eddy Loonstijn (Haarlem)
  • Stress relief and relaxation techniques: Christiaan Kuhn (Germany)
  • Autogenic training: Gerhold Platzer (Germany)
  • Yoga: Annemarie Bokma (Amsterdam)
  • Fear of flying and stress management: Lucas van Gerwen (Leiden)
  • Sworn Translator, Utrecht District Court (1984)
  • Master’s Degree in Translation (Spanish/French/Dutch), HIVT – Rijksuniversitair Centrum Antwerpen (1983)

Other activities: