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Praktijk voor imaginatie

Carola Driezes

Carola Driezes can talk knowledgeably about two different instruments that Parabel uses:  Imagination sessions and the Mat. She recognises the unique strength of both methods and the value of good advice and guidance:  “With Patricia, it really is all about you.”

Imagination: More understanding about myself

‘I did the imagination session to relate better to my mother. And yet, I also learnt a lot about myself. Imagination brings you to your subconscious; enables you to see things that you may perhaps feel but cannot put in words. In my case, a lot of feelings were clarified by the fact that apparently I had a twin. Alas, contact with my mother was not restored as I had hoped. We tried to build a bridge but the gap proved too great. The process made me stronger, nonetheless. First of all, I am proud and happy that I undertook the task, that I did not lose my courage. Secondly, I learnt a lot about myself, which I can use in my life.’

The Mat: applicable in practice

‘About two years ago, I did the Mat.  I wanted to explore how I can be stronger in my relations with others, whether friends, family or love interests.  The good thing about the Mat, in my view, is that it holds up a mirror for your behaviour, but also that you can put the insights you gain to practice.  You devise situations and look into how you behave in them.  That tells a lot.  Just talking with someone is a one-way street, but the Mat is two-way traffic, and fast too.  It taught me a lot.  When I come into contact with someone, I ask myself:  Is this what I want? I do not lose myself so quickly in others any more, and stay true to myself.  That avoids a lot of stress and I retain more energy as a result.’

It’s all about you

‘Patricia exudes calm and confidence.  She takes you seriously and puts you centre stage. She spares no effort to ensure that she can help you further and will not rest until she has got to the bottom of the problem. She uses various techniques to give insight that you can use yourself to improve your life.  You feel safe with her and always realise that it’s really all about you.’

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