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You simply cannot work it out. Perhaps you have a feeling that you are not getting everything you could out of life. That you are straying from yourself. You may have problems with others, in your relationship at home or at work. Or something happens that turns your world upside down.

Unbearable emotion

At the source of all discontent lies an emotion that is unacceptable, unbearable for you, that stands in your way. When you recognise it, name it, and learn how to ‘see’ it, you can work on it. I will coach you to do these things. You will find out that not only will you then be able to solve the problem you are aware of, but that you will create new room and find inspiration.

Sorrow – Sorrow is a normal and necessary feeling. But what do you do when sorrow takes over your life? When it takes precedence more and more over everything else? When it comes between you and the world?

Fear – Healthy fear warns us about dangers. A crippling fear keeps you from doing what you want to do, whether it be fear of confined spaces, spiders, driving, flying, or any other such phobia. How can you overcome your fear?

Anger – Conflicts are part of life. But what happens when anger gets in the way of a solution? How can you keep your anger proportional and under control?

Insecurity – You can do far more than you think. But how do you go about believing in yourself (again)?

Doubt – Are you faced with a major decision? Do you have doubts about the course you have to take? Deep down you know the answer. How can you bring it to light?

Lethargy– You never get anywhere, you are tired and sluggish. How do you regain your zest for life and energy?

Stress – Chronic stress can undermine your body. Your creativity takes a hit, you become irritable and you are in danger of burnout. How do you restore a balance between your mind and body?

I would like to help you regain your balance and recharge your batteries.