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Working with people has an impact on you as a person — certainly when you work in mental healthcare. Doctors, lawyers and judges can also be very affected by the stories or emotions of their clients. How do you deal with it?

How does that affect you?

These professional groups have one thing in common: their work has an impact on the life of others. But those professionals are human too. How do you deal with projection, transference or counter transference? How do you make sure that your client’s emotions do not impact your work or judgement? Sometimes, you discover that it is not possible to keep the requisite professional distance. A supervision course provides insight and offers tips for dealing with such situations.


A supervision course is results-oriented: you have a case, a customer, which has an effect on you personally. In a few one-hour sessions we examine the situation and analyse where the problem lies and how you can solve it.

Visual and interactive

We generally use images in supervision sessions. By visualising what you experience, you get quickly to the crux of the matter and to a possible solution. “The Mat” can prove very effective here as well. This technique is geared particularly to your perception of interaction with others.