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Praktijk voor imaginatie


Imagination is the most powerful psychological means there is. Your mind uses images to code, store and process information.
I bring you into contact with your inner world of images. Examining these images enables you to get to the crux of the problem, find a solution and look at it from a different angle.

We base our action on our images

Inner images constitute the foundation, the building blocks of who people are and what they do. People speak, think and feel in images and act from their images. The pitfall here is that we often look at the outside world when looking for a solution or inspiration. I will take you along to your inner world, because that is where your personal solution lies. Which image did you find there? And what does it need?

Deeper level than language

Images work differently than language. It is precisely in the case of great emotions or situations that have got out of hand that images can tell you more than you can consciously think. You become aware of yourself from another dimension than you are accustomed to.

Images help you find a solution

When you visualise your situation or emotion, you can engage in dialogue with it. You can approach it from every angle. You see where you actually stand, what you need and how you can get there. An imagination session works faster and better than long discussions.