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Praktijk voor imaginatie

Creative expression

Creative expression is an extension of the imagination. You use your imagination to seek your inner images, and give them concrete form through creative expression: drawing, modelling, dancing or painting, but also through singing, writing or making music.

Making visible

When you express yourself, you make your emotions, thoughts and mental blocks visible. Once they are visible, you can harness and work on them. Creative expression is different from “art therapy” or ‘putting your emotions down on paper’.

Mirror and counsellor

The images, movements or sounds that you make, have actually something to say to you. They act like a mirror. By looking at your own images, without passing judgement, you see your own story and can decode your message. Looking at your own images, you can in many cases see very clearly what the problem is and what you need.

Experience your images

A subsequent step is to identify with your images. When you experience your own images, they become concrete elements, and you feel their energy and potential. They are your images, so you can decide what to do with them, and in so doing regain control of your life.

No works of art

Creative expression does not require any creative or artistic bent. It is not a matter of creating beautiful things, but of making and showing your images, however beautiful or ugly they may be. They are your images and they will help you.