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Praktijk voor imaginatie


Wilma Jochemse

Coaching with the help of creative expression techniques

Although she dreaded creative tasks, they proved most insightful for Wilma. “You don’t have to create something beautiful,’ she discovered. ‘It’s all about what images have to tell you.’

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Erik Makkinga

Leadership and Career Development Workshop

Erik Makkinga and his colleagues from Leiders in Duurzame Ontwikkeling specialise chiefly in construction. They attended the “Force of Images” workshop as part of their personal leadership and career development.

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Carola Driezes

Imagination sessions and the Mat

Carola Driezes can talk knowledgeably about two different instruments that Parabel uses:  Imagination sessions and the Mat. She recognises the unique strength of both methods and the value of good advice and guidance:  “With Patricia, it really is all about you.”

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