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Praktijk voor imaginatie

Wilma Jochemse

Although she dreaded creative tasks, they proved most insightful for Wilma. “You don’t have to create something beautiful,’ she discovered. ‘It’s all about what images have to tell you.’

Who am I and what do I want?

Wilma: ‘I had struggled for quite a while with myself; about what I wanted and who I was. And I suffered from certain phobias. I came to Parabel via the Valk Foundation.
Patricia used imagination techniques to re-enact certain life situations in order to remove and overcome certain obstacles. The imagination techniques were supplemented with painting, drawing and modelling exercises as well as interviews.’

You need not be creative

‘I found the creative tasks to be the most difficult at the outset. I said to myself, I am not at all creative. But you needn’t create something beautiful. The most important thing is the analysis of what happened. Getting a mental block for a task also tells you something – as does the type of drawings you make. For instance, I used to draw bars regularly, an image of being fenced in. The colours you use also speak volumes. We discussed the matter.’


‘These tasks enabled me to get greater insight as to who I am and why I do or don’t do certain things. That helps me in my daily life. The sessions have moreover helped me to accept certain things, which is also very important.
The creative tasks, which I dreaded so much, helped me gain more insight than by talking alone. Patricia provides advice and support in a pleasant manner that inspires confidence.’

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