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The Mat

The Mat is an effective and direct method used to make the interaction between yourself and other people visible and tangible. You will then look into what you can do to improve that interaction and thus get closer to your goal.

How the Mat Method® works

Two mats are placed on the floor, each with a red and a green part.
You stand on your own mat and face another (usually fictitious) person. I can stand in for that other person, if necessary. The Mat enables you to explore an aspect of yourself, as censor, exhausted, helper, addict. You can engage in dialogue with these aspects by putting them on the Mat in front of you.


How does the other’s behaviour affect you? If you find it difficult to accept his or her behaviour, stand on the red part of the Mat. If you can accept it fully, stand on the green part. Now think up a goal for which you have to cooperate with the other person, such as work together on a project, for instance. Or look after a child together.

Closer to your goal

The Mat works on three layers: behaviour, convictions and standards, and values. I will ask you systematically to check against these three layers whether your behaviour brings you closer or further from your goal. What can you do to draw closer to your goal?

Dynamic and effective

The Mat is a very dynamic method with elements relating to attitude (you experience how you behave towards the other physically) and drama therapy (you “play out” situations).
By physically feeling how another person (or a part of yourself) affects you, you can rapidly get a clear picture and find solutions.